Artisan and the Theatre of the Bake Off

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Artisan and the Theatre of the Bake Off

Artisan and the Theatre of the Bake Off

Posted on 3rd November 2015
The eruption of crunch and the slap of aroma – the theatre of the bake off!


Nothing can quite match the smell of freshly baked bread and with Artisan par baked bread, you can capture the scent, crunch and feel of fresh bread, with never a dough in sight.

The scent of freshly baked bread, the drama of the crunch – our artisan range of products are stone-baked the traditional way. With each bite, diners experience the crunch and chew of the crust and the soft open texture of the centre. The best part? We’ve done 90% of the cooking for you, then frozen each one to keep them fresh. All you have to do is finish them off in the oven to get that incredible aroma, texture and taste. Fresh wastage is eliminated because you cook each piece as you need – it’s convenience without compromising quality of flavour.

What is “artisan” bread?

In Australia, there is no one definition of artisan bread. This is different to some countries, like France where various laws guide the use of the term. Typically, artisan bread is made by bakers who follow some of the respected “old” traditions in baking. These traditions might include the ingredients they select, the way they mix them, the resting of the dough and the types of ovens used. They might be specific to a geographical locality, number of products or, more generally, to the style of bread being made. Some artisan breads can contain as little as 4 ingredients: flour, yeast, water and salt.

Signs of artisan bread:

Most people can recognise bread as being artisan when there is a lovely thick bottom crust. In our artisan range, this develops because the bread is baked direct on a stone oven base. A golden crunchy crust and soft inside is also a common way to recognise artisan breads. Let’s not forget the smell either – the aroma of fresh baked bread should lead people by the nose to where it is being baked.

Poster of baker holding a crusty bread loaf

Is artisan your preferred bread choice but can’t seem to ace the golden, crunch?

Everything you need to know is now in one place!

Choosing artisan breads:

Like all bread, artisan breads come in different shapes and sizes so they can be used for different applications. Traditionally, baguettes are not made with cultures so they are perfect for sweet and savoury flavours.

Some sourdoughs like San Francisco and Russian-style loaves are traditionally eaten with savoury accompaniments in open and closed sandwiches. There are lots of options– artisan breads have a wide variety of applications though and can be eaten with dips or oils, become ingredients in rustic salads, used to make breadcrumbs and croutons and more.

The different shapes and sizes available in our range allow for foodservice establishments to come up with new ways to use these breads. While loaves lend themselves to sandwiches, breakfast buffets and other time-honoured usages, accompaniments like dinner rolls are starting to move from the side of the dinner plate to feature in applications like tapas and sliders in bars and pubs.

Bread Guide

Please see full baking guide here

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