Crisp Fried Barramundi with Three Flavour Sauce

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Crisp Fried Barramundi with Three Flavour Sauce

Crisp Fried Barramundi with Three Flavour Sauce

Posted on 15th August 2017
Spice up your barramundi recipe with this easy-to-make dish. With the use of chillies, this meal is jam packed with flavour.
Makes 1, scale as needed.


1 each Whole Baby Barramundi (Cleaned)
100 g Rice Flour
20 L Crisco Sunola Oil
100 g Bok Choy
100 g Garlic
8 each Long Red Chillies
50 g Coriander Roots
25 g Salt
25 mL Cooking Oil
150 mL Tamarind Water
40 g Caster Sugar
75 mL Fish Sauce
500 mL Water


Raw ingredients for barramundi dish

Step 1

Finely chop the chillies and dice the garlic and coriander. Place the herbs into the Robot Coupe with a pinch of salt and blend them until a paste forms. Scrap the mixture into a pot; add a teaspoon of cooking oil and place on medium heat for 10 minutes.

Preparing the seasoning

Step 2

In a separate saucepan, combine the fish sauce, tamarind and sugar, then scrape in the chilli paste. Stir the ingredients together and then place it back on a low heat for 10 minutes or until it begins to simmer.

Forming a paste

Step 3

To prepare the fish, cut off the fins and tail. Then, score the fish to create a surface area. Coat with rice flavour and drop the fish into the deep fryer with Crisco Sunola Oil at 180 degrees for six minutes.

Preparing the barramundi

Poster of potato wedges in deep frier


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Step 4

While the fish cooks, boil water on the stovetop to lightly cook the bok choy. Place the vegetable in the water for a couple of minutes, until it begins to soften a little bit.

Cooking the bok choy

Step 5

To plate, create a bed using the bok choy, then place the fish on top. Pour the chilli sauce paste over the top of the fish and finish it off by adding coriander leaves and a wedge of lime.

Pouring the sauce over the fish


Message from chef Tim Wesley

Tim Wesley

I really enjoy cooking this dish because it involves a range of different flavours, while still remaining easy to cook – especially in a busy kitchen. This is a meal that will have all seafood lovers wanting more.

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