Crispy Prawn Burger

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Crispy Prawn Burger

Crispy Prawn Burger

Posted on 23rd December 2020
Chef Kai Ellmann creates a wonderful spin on the traditional beef burger with crispy prawns, sliced lettuce, and aioli. This dish has very few ingredients and comes together very nicely.
Makes 4, scale as needed.


4 each QBA Milk Buns
500 g Praws, peeled and uncooked
125 g White Wings Premium batter mix
160 g Iceberg lettuce, sliced
60 g Aioli (made with Praise whole egg mayonnaise)
1 each Crisco Liquid Gold


Prawn Burger Ingredients

Step 1:

The first step to making this burger is to heat the deep fryer to 180 degrees celsius using Crisco Liquid Gold. Then prepare the White Wings Premium Batter Mix as per instructions, reserving a small amount of the batter mix for dusting the prawns.

Step 2:

Lightly dust the prawns with batter mix, then place the prawns into the prepared batter mix and cover them.

Prepping the prawns with the batter

Step 3:

Gently drop the prawns into the deep fryer. Fry them until they’re crisp, golden and cooked. Drain the prawns on kitchen paper.

Frying the prawns

The prawns once cooked

Step 4:

Toast the milk buns and coat the bottom of the milk buns with a spoon of Aioli.

Step 5:

Layer the lettuce on top of the Aioli, then add three prawns per burger.

Layer the lettuce on top of the Aioli

Place three prawns per burger on top of the lettuce

Step 6:

Top the burgers with the milk bun crowns and secure them with a cocktail stick.

Top the burgers with crown

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Securing the burgers with a cocktail stick

Message from chef Kai Ellmann

Kai Ellmann

This recipe would also make great sliders, using the slider buns. Perfect for functions and cocktail parties.

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