Fish and Chips with Homemade Tartare Sauce Recipe

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Fish and Chips with Homemade Tartare Sauce Recipe

Fish and Chips with Homemade Tartare Sauce Recipe

Posted on 27th February 2018
This fish and chips recipe, with homemade tartare sauce, will be a crowd pleaser at your next event.
Makes 3, scale as needed.


3 each Eggs
1 each Lemon
470 mL Crisco Canola Oil
60 g Capers
60 g Pickles
2 each White Fish Fillet
340 g Frozen Chips
340 g White Wings Premium Batter Mix
470 mL Water


Image of the raw ingredients for the fish and chips recipe

Step 1

To make the homemade tartare sauce, separate the yolk from the eggs. Place the yolks into a blender and blend on a slow speed. During blending, slowly drizzle in the Crisco Canola Oil and continue on a low speed until it thickens. Add the capers and pickles to the sauce and blend together, then add the squeezed lemon juice. The lemon adds a nice zing of flavour to the sauce.

Chef cracking eggs into a bowl

Chef dropping in capers into the blender

Chef adding pickles to the mayonnaise

Step 2

Place the thawed out chips into a deep fryer, which is filled with Crisco Canola Oil. Fry them for five minutes, then drain. To add some flavour, season with salt and pepper.

Chef frying chips in deep fryer

Step 3

Slice the fish into thick long slices to mimic the look of a fish finger. In a bowl, whisk together the White Wings Premium Batter Mix and warm water, then evenly coat the fish with the batter.

An image of the chef slicing the fish and covering it in batter

Step 4

Gently place the fish pieces into the deep fryer. Ensure the fish floats above the oil and doesn’t stick to the edges of the fryer. Cook until they form a crunchy, golden crust.

Chef deep frying the battered fish

Poster of potato wedges in deep frier


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Step 5

For serving, place a mountain of chips on the plate, then put the fish on-top. Add a side of homemade tartare sauce and then it is ready for serving.

Chef serving the fish and chips

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