Fresh Fig Donuts with Nutella

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Fresh Fig Donuts with Nutella

Fresh Fig Donuts with Nutella

Posted on 24th March 2017
Searching for a new dish for your dessert menu? Try this delicious fresh fig donut dessert, which incorporates both warm cinnamon and a thick spread of Nutella.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


1 kg White Wings Universal Donut Mix
600 mL Milk
10 g Cinnamon
150 g Sugar
20 each Small Fresh Figs
200 g Nutella


Figs, Donut Mix

Step 1

Combine White Wings Universal Donut Mix and milk, then allow it to rest for 1 hour.

Milk, Donut Mix

Step 2

Mix the sugar and cinnamon together and put aside (this will be used as a coating at the end of the production). Then cut the fresh figs into equal quarters while trying to keep the stems attached.

Fresh Figs

Step 3

Lightly coat the fresh figs with the donut mix by gently dipping them into the bowl.

Sugar, Cinnamon, Donut MIx

Step 4

Bring the deep frying oil to 160 degrees, then slowly drop in the donuts. Cook them until they are golden brown, then coat them with the sugar and cinnamon mixture.

Deep fried donuts

Poster of potato wedges in deep frier


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Step 5

Smear a thick layer of Nutella on a plate and place the coated donuts on-top for serving.


Donuts, Nutella, Figs

Message from chef John Lanzafame

John Lanzafame

Are you tired of the standard cinnamon donuts? Why not try this fresh fig and Nutella donut recipe. It provides both a taste of freshness and chocolate – all in one!


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