Golden Battered Snapper Fillet

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Golden Battered Snapper Fillet

Golden Battered Snapper Fillet

Posted on 20th December 2016
With the dukkah mix layered in the batter, fried capers to garish and a red Pernod sauce - this snapper is the perfect seafood dish to reinvigorate your menu.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


50 g Spiced Dukkah Mix
1.6 kg Snapper
330 g White Wings Premium Batter Mix
500 mL Water
1 L Tomato Napoli Suace
60 mL Pernod
650 g Broccolini
150 each White Wings Plain Flour
85 g Capers
4 L Simply Vegetable Oil


Raw ingredients

Step 1

Portion your snapper into 100 gram goujons.

Cut fish into portions

Step 2

Using the packet instructions, create the White Wings Premium Batter Mix by mixing with water and blending on a low speed. Add the spiced dukkah mix into the batter.

Prepare batter

Step 3

Lightly coat the snapper with flour, before soaking in the batter mix.

Lightly flour fish fillets

Coat in batter

Step 4

Fry the snapper portions in the deep fryer at 180 degrees, until the snapper is a nice golden colour.

Fry fish

Step 5

The capers open up into a nice flower shape when fried, which adds something a little different as a garnish. Place them into the deep fryer for 45 seconds to a minute, until they open into the flower shape and set aside for later.

Capers before frying

Capers after frying

Step 6

To create the sauce, add your tomato napoli sauce into a saucepan with the Pernod, heating to a a light bubble. If the sauce thickens too much, you can use a splash of white wine to create the desired consistency.

Create sauce

Step 7

Blanch the broccolini in a large pot of boiling water before draining and immediately placing in a bowl of iced water.

Blanch broccolini

Step 8

To plate up, add 100ml of the tomato Pernod sauce to the serving bowl and place the blanched broccolini on top. Place the snapper goujons over the broccolini and sprinkle the fried capers on top. Season with salt and pepper to taste and plate with a lemon cheek.

Plate up

Message from chef Andrew Sibley

The Golden Battered Snapper is perfect for an Aussie summer – the dukkah gives the batter some extra punch, while the broccolini and red sauce provide a nice colour contrast to dress up the plate.

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