Lobster Kilpatrick Pizza

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Lobster Kilpatrick Pizza

Lobster Kilpatrick Pizza

Posted on 21st March 2017
You can get creative with your pizza toppings to really set them apart. The lobster kilpatrick is a great way to gain some extra attention to your menu.
Makes 9, scale as needed.


1.9 kg White Wings Plain Flour
1 L Water
60 g Salt
7 g Yeast
150 mL Extra Virgin Olive Oil
5 g Semolina
3.2 kg Whole Peeled Tomato
2.7 L Olive Oil
255 g Salt
2.7 kg Lobster
1.8 kg Speck
450 mL Holbrooks Worcestershire Sauce
135 g Onion
135 g Garlic
135 g Parsley
45 g Chilli
720 g Buffalo Mozzarella


Lobster Pizza Raw Ingredients

Step 1

To create the pizza dough, place the water, yeast, salt and extra virgin olive oil into the mixing bowl and mix for five minutes. Leave to rest for five minutes for the yeast to activate before adding the White Wings Plain Flour and mix for 20 minutes or until the dough is smooth. Rest for 20 minutes before rolling into nine, 200 gram balls – placing them into the cool room to proof for 48 hours with a damp cloth over them.

Add water, yeast, olive oil to mixer

Leave to proof for 48 hours

Step 2

Removing the dough from the cool room, open balls by hand, or with a rolling pin and stretch to a 13 inch circle on a lightly floured bench with semolina.

Roll out dough

Step 3

To create the tomato base, take the tin of tomatoes and combine with olive oil and salt and blitz. Spread the sauce base evenly over the pizza.

To create the lobster kilpatrick, caramalise the sliced onions in a pan and fry the garlic, before mixing them in a cold bowl with the chilli, parsley and the Holbrooks Worcestershire Sauce. Add the lobster and mix gently to give a light marinade.

Tomato base and lobster marinade

Step 4

Add your buffalo mozzarella in clumps around the pizza, before evenly distributing your lobster kilpatrick and speck and garnishing with salt. Cook in a hot pizza oven if possible at 300 degrees Celsius for two minutes until golden brown.

Add ingredientsStep 8

Message from chef John Lanzafame

John Lanzafame

You can get creative with your pizza toppings to really set them apart. The lobster kilpatrick is a great way to gain some extra attention to your menu.

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