Butternut Pumpkin, Blue Cheese, Walnut Tartlets

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Butternut Pumpkin, Blue Cheese, Walnut Tartlets

Butternut Pumpkin, Blue Cheese, Walnut Tartlets

Posted on 5th September 2017
Looking to add a simple, yet unique, dish to your menu? Why not give this pumpkin, blue cheese and walnut recipe a try.
Makes 5, scale as needed.


1 each Pampas Ready Rolled Puff Pastry
1 each Red Onion
1 each Butternut Pumpkin
70 g Walnuts (Baked)
70 g Blue Cheese
150 g Fresh Rocket
30 mL House Dressing
30 mL Olive Oil
50 g Butter
30 mL Honey
20 g Salt & Pepper (To season)


Raw ingredients for tartlets

Step 1

Peel, seed and cut the pumpkin into even sizes and place them in a baking tray. Coat them with a thin layer of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper, then roast in the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.

Slicing of the pumpkin

Step 2

Thinly slice the onions and then place them in a frying pan and caramelise them with the butter and olive oil over a low heat. By keeping the heat at a low, it allows the onions to soak up the juices and not burn.

Frying the onions

Step 3

Lay out the Pampas Puff Pastry on a floured bench, and cut multiple 10cm round disks using a cutter, then mark the pastry with a 9cm cutter on the inside. Remember to be careful not to cut through the whole way. Then, place the pastry on a baking tray and pre-bake them until they begin to rise. Have the oven turned to 160 degrees and ensure you keep an eye on the pastry because you don’t want to burn them.

Cutting the Pampas Puff Pastry

Step 4

While they are in the oven, remove the pumpkin, place three-quarters in a mixing bowl and mash. As the pumpkin begins to soften, add a little butter, honey and salt to pepper to taste.

Mashing the pumpkin

Step 5

Once the puff pastry is ready, push the middle down by using the back of a tablespoon. Then, spread the pumpkin puree, add the onion and scatter the remaining roast pumpkin. Then, sprinkle the blue cheese over the top and place them back in the oven for a further 10 minutes.

Creating the tartlets

Step 6

To serve, scatter the baked walnuts around the plate. For a side, you can serve rocket salad, that is dressed in the house dressing.

Dressing product with walnuts

Message from chef Tim Wesley

With the finger-food trend rising, this dish is one that will win over your diners. While’s it’s easy to make, it is also easy to eat – making it the perfect canapé dish.

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