Seeded Breakfast Stack

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Seeded Breakfast Stack

Seeded Breakfast Stack

Posted on 18th January 2017
Looking for a creative way to combine a bunch of breakfast favourites? The seeded breakfast stack looks the part and ticks all of the breakfast boxes.
Makes 1, scale as needed.


4 each Helga's Mixed Grain Slices
120 g Bacon Rashers
20 g Meadow Lea Margarine
15 g Honey
125 g Tomato
2 g Dried Herb Mix
1 each Egg
20 g Spinach
50 mL Bearnaise Sauce
10 g Seeded Mustard
50 g Goats Fetta


Breakfast Stack Ingredients

Step 1

Each serve requires four slices of the Helga’s Mixed Grain loaf. Take the bread and cut into circles using your largest available scone cutter, from crust to crust. Lightly flatten the discs with a rolling pin.

Cut bread into circles

Step 2

Fry your bacon rashes off in a hot pan and set aside for the bottom layer.

Cook bacon

Step 3

Slice the tomato and coat with honey and herbs, frying in a pan.

Season and fry tomatos

Step 4

Wilt your spinach in a microwave for 30 seconds and set aside. Begin toasting the bread discs.

Prepare spinach

Step 5

Poach your egg using a saucepan and gather ingredients for assembly.

Poach egg

Step 6

Spread the toasted bread with the margarine and place the bacon on the bottom layer. Add the second disc of toast and layer the wilted spinach on top before adding the third slice with the honey and herb tomatoes. Finally, place the final disc of toast on top of the tomato and add the egg, drizzling with the seeded mustard bearnaise and the goats cheese.

Prepare bottom three layersAdd egg and Bearnaise

Finished product



Message from chef Andrew Sibley

Andrew Sibley

The breakfast stack is a great alternative for your breakfast menu. It combines a bunch of our favourite breakfast staples with some strong flavours from the sauce and goats cheese.

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