Smokey Maple Glazed Bacon and Egg Roll

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Smokey Maple Glazed Bacon and Egg Roll

Smokey Maple Glazed Bacon and Egg Roll

Posted on 12th April 2016
Breakfast just keeps on getting better! With all day breakfast on the rise our Smokey Maple Glazed Bacon & Egg on a contemporary square roll hits the spot any time of the day.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


10 each Artisan Square Rolls White
20 g Bacon Slices
75 mL Maple Syrup
10 each Eggs
500 g Rocket
75 mL Smokey BBQ Relish
30 mL Olive Oil
300 g Spanish Onions
40 g Garlic
45 g Chili Flakes
75 g Smoked Paprika
800 g Canned Cherry Tomatoes
120 mL Holbrooks Worcestershire Sauce
10 g Picked Thyme
10 g Dried Bay Leaves
30 g Dried Sage
120 mL Corwells Apple Cider Vinegar
125 g Brown Sugar
2 g Salt
1 g Pepper


Bacon and Egg Roll Ingredients

Step 1

We begin by making the Relish. Heat Olive Oil in a pan over medium heat, finely dice the Spanish Onions and garlic and saute in pan until onion is translucent (around four to six minutes).


Step 2

Add the Chili Flakes and Smoked Paprika, cook for approximately one minute until fragrant.


Step 3

Poor in the Canned Tomatoes, Holbooks Worcestershire Sauce and remaining herbs (Thyme, Bay Leaves, Sage). Simmer for approximately five to six minutes until reduced to a saucey consistency.


Step 4

Add the Cornwells Apple Cider Vinegar and and simmer, stirring occasionally. Leave to simmer for three to four minutes or until thick – season to taste with sugar, salt and pepper and set aside.


Step 5

To glaze the bacon, arrange the Bacon Slices on a large lined baking tray and bake for 10 minutes. Poor off excess fat and brush on Maple Syrup using a silicon pastry brush. Cook for a further three to five minutes.

Glaze Bacon with Maple Syrup

Step 6

Meanwhile, heat oil in a heavy base frying pan and fry eggs sunny side up. Set aside.


Step 7

Assemble Square Rolls in layers, beginning with rocket, then bacon and finally egg. Spread relish on the lid of the roll and serve with additional relish.

 Bacon and Egg Roll assembly

Bacon and Egg Roll assembly two

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