Spice Crusted Tuna with Pickled Quince and Fennel Chutney

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Spice Crusted Tuna with Pickled Quince and Fennel Chutney

Spice Crusted Tuna with Pickled Quince and Fennel Chutney

Posted on 30th August 2016
Versatility is so important in the kitchen and this recipe delivers - perfect as an entree and great as a canape, it looks great and can be easily tweaked depending on your requirements.
Makes 1, scale as needed.


750 g Quince
50 g Fennel
25 g Dried Sultanas
57 g Onion
35 mL Cornwells Apple Cider Vinegar
20 g Sugar
1.2 g Ground Ginger
750 mg Ground Turmeric
600 mg Ground Cumin
600 mg Ground Coriander
5 g Sea Salt
50 mL Gold'n Canola Oil Spray
200 g Sashimi Grade Tuna
20 g Fennel Seeds
10 g Coriander Seeds
30 g Yellow Mustard Seeds
1 each Micro Celery Bunch
10 mL Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Step 1 – Pickled Quince and Fennel Chutney

To make the chutney, take your quince and peel the fruit, removing the core and dice into small pieces. Dice the fennel and finely chop the onion (about a quarter of the onion to make the 10 entree serves here).

Add the quince, fennel and onion into an oiled saucepan with the dried sultanas, the Cornwells Apple Cider Vinegar with the ground ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander and a sprinkling of sea salt.

Peel and dice the potato and onion and add ingredients to the pan

Step 2

Heat the mixture until it is simmering quickly. Cook the mixture for 45 minutes, or until the chutney has thickened slightly and the fruit has become soft, then allow cooling before storing in a cool, dark place.

Heating Fennel, Coriander and Mustard Seeds in a dry pan

Step 3 – Spice Crust

Heat the Fennel, Coriander and Mustard Seeds in a dry pan over a medium heat, shaking the pan frequently. Cook until fragrant, roughly two to three minutes. Remove and when cool grind into a powder in a mortar and pestle.

Step 4 – Tuna

Roll the tuna pieces in the cooled spice mix and sear in a hot pan with a little of the Gold’n Canola spray until the tuna is golden on the outside, yet still raw in the middle.

create herbs

Fry Tuna in oil on a pan

Step 5

Let the tuna cool and then slice into thin strips.

Place a table spoon of chutney on the plate and then a piece of tuna on top. Season the tuna with sea salt and drizzle with a little extra virgin olive oil and some micro celery.

Tuna nicely plated to eat

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Message from chef Vasilios Donoudis

Vasilios Donoudis

I love this recipe because of the bold flavours and the versatility – it  plates really well too.

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