Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding

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Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding

Steamed Golden Syrup Pudding

Posted on 2nd August 2017
This steamed golden syrup pudding is a menu must-have this winter. From its warm juices to its fluffiness, this recipe will literally be to die for.
Makes 12, scale as needed.


6 each QBA Ciabatta Lunch Roll White
375 g Butter
375 g Caster Sugar
2 each Lemons
6 each Eggs
300 g White Wings Self Raising Flour
75 g Almond Meal
300 mL Warm Milk
320 g Golden Syrup
1 each Vanilla Pod
50 mL Rum


Raw ingredients for pudding

Step 1

Line the pudding moulds by smudging the butter in the creases.

Lining the baking tins with butter

Step 2

To make the breadcrumbs, cut the QBA Ciabatta Lunch Roll into slices and remove the ends. Then, blitz the bread slices in the Robot Coupe until they form into breadcrumbs. Once they have become fine crumbs, pour them into a separate bowl and put aside.

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Cutting the loaf of bread

Making the bread crumbs

Step 3

Cream the butter and sugar in the Robot Coupe. Once they have blended together, add the eggs on a low speed. Then, slowly pour in the White Wings Self Raising Flour, homemade breadcrumbs and almond meal. Once it has formed a mixture, pour it into a mixing bowl and fold it through for a couple of minutes. Then, pour the milk into the mixture and continue to fold until it all combines.

Mixing ingredients together

Step 4

Scrape the vanilla out of the pods and place into a saucepan, along with the golden syrup and rum. Heat up the ingredients on a low heat and continuously stir the mixture so it doesn’t stick to the bottom.

Making the syrup

Step 5

Using a tablespoon, scoop a portion of the syrup into the bottom of the mould, then grate a teaspoon of lemon zest over the top. Pour the bread mixture into the moulds, filling them three-quarters of the way. Place the filled moulds into a deep baking tray, then fill the tray halfway with water and cover with foil. Place them in a preheated oven at 160 degrees for 45 minutes.

Filling the moulds

Step 6

Once they have cooked through, flip the moulds onto a plate, to allow the syrup to pour over the top and down the sides. To serve, add a scoop of ice cream and scatter a handful of praline nuts over the top.

Cooking the pudding

Message from chef Tim Wesley

This delicious dessert is great for a cool winter’s night. It is warm and fluffy on the inside, and sweet and creamy on the outside, thanks to the combination of the syrup and ice-cream.

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