Beef and Cheese Burgers

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Beef and Cheese Burgers

Beef and Cheese Burgers

Try our beef and cheese burger recipe today! It can be made with four easy-to-follow steps, making it the perfect pub feed!
Makes 4, scale as needed.


4 each Thaw and Serve Milk Buns
4 each Tasty Cheese (slices)
4 each Pickles
20 mL Tomato Sauce
20 mL American Mustard Sauce
500 g Beef Mince
1 each Gold'n Canola Oil Spray
680 g Lettuce


Image of the raw ingredients used for the beef and cheese burger

Step 1

With your raw mince, form patties and flatten them, so they cook quicker on the grill. Spray each side with Gold’n Canola Oil, then grill until they are brown. Once they have cooked, add a slice of cheese on one side, and keep on the heat until it melts.

The beef patty is being flattened and then grilled on the stove

Image of the cheese melting on the beef

Step 2

Slice the pickles on an angle, so you get more surface area, then pull off the lettuce leaves and lay them flat.

Slicing the pickles

Poster of gourmet burger on a breadboard

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Step 3

Slice the Thaw and Serve Milk Bun in half and spread the mustard over the base. Place the pickles on top, followed by a slice of lettuce.

Photo of the chef slicing the milk bun

Photo of the pickles and lettuce being added to the bun

Step 4

Gently place the beef patty on top of the lettuce, then spread tomato sauce over the top of the bun. Join the burger together and serve. Don’t forget, you can also add a side of chips for service if you wish.

The chef is placing the cooked patty with cheese on the milk bun

Chef is spreading sauce along the bottom of the lid of the milk bun

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