Breakfast Tradie Sandwich

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Chef Karyn whips up a quick and easy breakfast tradie sandwich, using two meats, eggs and hashbrowns. This is the classic big breakfast dish all in one sandwich.
Makes 4, scale as needed.


8 each Helga's Traditional White Bread (Slices)
1 each Gold'n Canola Oil Spray
8 each Rasher of Bacon
4 each Sausages
4 each Hash Browns (Gluten Free)
4 each Eggs
30 mL Tomato Sauce (Gluten Free)


This image is of the raw ingredients for the tradie sandwich

Chef Karyn has showcased her big breakfast tradie sandwich as both a traditional and gluten free offering. She has also shared some gluten free tips along the way.

Step 1:

Spray the grill with Gold’n Canola Oil Spray. Cook the sausages and bacon. Once the meat products are cooked three-quarters of the way, fry the eggs.

Photo shows the chef frying the sausages, bacon and eggs

Step 2:

Fry the hash browns in a deep fryer.

QUICK TIP: If you are going to display this on your menu as a meal which can also be made gluten free, it is important you use a fryer that is dedicated to gluten free products and hasn’t had any contact with wheat products.

Image shows the hash brown being taken out of the deep fryer

Step 3:

Building your big breakfast tradie sandwich: Spread the tomato sauce over both slices of Helga’s Traditional White Bread. Then, add a sliced sausage on the bottom, followed by two slices of bacon and the hash brown. Finish the build with a sunny-side egg and place the lid gently on top.

Image is of the chef building the tradie sandwich

Building the gluten free big breakfast tradie sandwich:

Follow the same steps above using the Helga’s Gluten Free Traditional White Bread and you’re ready to serve. When you are using the gluten free bread make sure you wipe down the benches thoroughly and use separate utensils to avoid cross contamination.

Chef Karyn’s Kitchen Tip: All ingredients and condiments are actually gluten free and I use these on both offerings. It makes the process to provide a gluten free offering much easier and minimise cross contamination in the kitchen.

Stacking a sandwich with sausage, bacon, hashbrown and egg

Stacking a sandwich with sausage, bacon, hashbrown and egg

Final gluten free tradie sandwich pictured

Message from chef Karyn Gilfillan

Karyn Gilfillan

This sandwich is one of my personal favourites – it is the classic big breakfast dish all in one sandwich. I feel it’s the perfect addition to any cafe breakfast menu as your customers can either take it on the go or enjoy it at in your venue.

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