Chicken Schnitzel Burger With Slaw

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Chicken Schnitzel Burger With Slaw

Chicken Schnitzel Burger With Slaw

Burgers; the menu item that always leaves customers wanting more. Chef Karyn's Chicken Schnitzel Burger recipe is and flavoursome - check it out.
Makes 4, scale as needed.


4 each QBA Milk Bun
236 mL Simply Vegetable Oil
473 g GFFC Crumb
473 g White Wings Plain Flour
10 mL ETA Mayonnaise
2 each Chicken Breasts
1 each Lettuce
2 each Tomatoes
1 each White Cabbage
1 each Red Cabbage
10 mL Mustard
1 each Egg
473 mL Milk


All the raw ingredients for the chicken schnitzel and slaw burger layed out on a mat

Step 1:

Making the slaw: roughly slice the onion and the white and red cabbage. Add the seeded mustard to the vegetables, followed by the ETA Mayonnaise. Mix the ingredients until it is all evenly coated. Then, place to the side.

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The chef is pictured making the slaw with ETA Mayonnaise

Step 2:

Preparing the chicken schnitzel: Cut off any fatty pieces of the chicken breast, slice them in half and bash them until they flatten evenly. In a bowl, crack the egg, pour in the milk and whisk together. In another bowl, place the White Wings Plain Flour – this will be used to coat the chicken.

Using tongs, coat the chicken with the flour, place it in the egg wash and then the GFFC Crumb. Shake the fillet and place to the side. Repeat this step for the rest of the chicken.

The image shows the chef using the Goodman Fielder Crumbs for breading of the chicken

Step 3:

Pour the Simply Vegetable Oil into a deep fryer. Then, add the schnitzels and wait until they are golden brown. Once cooked, set to the side on a plate.

Fried chicken schnitzel is pictured

Step 4:

To build the burger: Slice the QBA Milk Bun in half, add the sliced lettuce and tomato, followed by the mayonnaise-based slaw and chicken schnitzel. Then, serve.

Chef is shown slicing the QBA milk bun and building the burger

Message from chef Karyn Gilfillan

Karyn Gilfillan

You can never go wrong with a chicken schnitzel burger. They are easy and quick to make and are perfect for caterers, cafes, pubs and clubs.

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