Crispy Fish Roll with Tangy Tartare and Crunchy Balsamic Salad

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Crispy Fish Roll with Tangy Tartare and Crunchy Balsamic Salad

Crispy Fish Roll with Tangy Tartare and Crunchy Balsamic Salad

Posted on 2nd August 2015
Crispy fish inside a crunchy Artisan White Ciabatta Lunch roll with Praise Tangy Tartare, that will get the taste buds singing! Whether it be for a light lunch or a late night bar snack.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


20 L Pro Fry Deep Frying Oil
10 each Fish fillets - 110g each
100 g White Wings Plain Flour for dusting
300 g White Wings Premium Batter
10 each QBA Ciabatta Lunch Rolls White
120 mL Praise Balsamic Dressing
200 g Lettuce or lettuce mix (washed)
450 g Tomatoes, washed and sliced
200 g Praise Tartare Sauce
1.5 each Lemon


Step 1

Fill your deep fryer with Pro Fry Deep Frying Oil and preheat to 180° Celsius.

Step 2

Prepare the white wings premium batter following the packet instructions, dust the fish in the white wings flour then dip in to the batter and fry at 180° C until golden and cooked. This will take approximately 6 to 8 minutes.

Step 3

Place lettuce or lettuce mix into a bowl add the Praise Balsamic dressing and toss gently.

Step 4

Cut roll lengthways, layer on the lettuce, tomato slices and crispy battered fish. Top with the Praise Tartare Sauce and serve with a lemon wedge on the side.

Suggestions for serving and garnishing

Serve with hand cut chips and Cornwell’s malt vinegar

Season the batter with lemon zest, pepper, herbs and spices during preparation.


An easy to prepare meal.

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