Empanadas with Blue Cheese, Bone Marrow and Black Truffle

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Empanadas with Blue Cheese, Bone Marrow and Black Truffle

Empanadas with Blue Cheese, Bone Marrow and Black Truffle

Posted on 6th April 2017
The unique combination of blue cheese, bone marrow and black truffle is one like no other, but the results are surprising! If you are searching for a point of difference, then try this crispy dish.
Makes 10, scale as needed.


3 each Pampas Ready Rolled Puff Pastry
2 each Egg Wash
200 g Blue Cheese
15 g Black Truffle
300 g Bone Marrow
2 L Crisco Endura Oil
40 g Honey
100 g Jus


Pampas Puff Pastry Bone Marrow

Step 1

Cut the Pampas Ready Rolled Puff Pastry into even circles with a diameter of 8cm, then brush them with egg wash.

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Raw Pampas Pastry Egg Wash

Step 2

Add blue cheese, which is a quarter of the size of the pastry, to the middle. Then fold over the pastry and tightly crimp the edges closed. Once done, put aside.

Blue Cheese Pampas Pastry Raw

Step 3

Heat the Crisco Endura Oil to 160 degrees then gently fry the pastry until golden. Place aside on a paper towel to soak up the extra oils.

Crisco Endura Oil

Step 2 B

Step 4

Over the stove top, boil jus to a sticky consistency, then add the honey and shaved black truffle. Let it rest off the heat for around 10 minutes or until it’s all infused.

Jus boiling

Step 5

Place the empanadas on a plate then drizzle the warm jus sauce over the top. Scrape the bone marrow over the pastry after heating it in the oven for five minutes. To finish off the dish, add a drizzle of honey and shaven black truffle.

Bone Marrow Empanadas


Message from chef John Lanzafame

John Lanzafame

These tasty empanadas work great for both single serving and sharing platters. The dish’s distinctive ingredients of blue cheese, bone marrow and black truffle also sets it a part from the everyday options found on menus across the board.

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