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Commercial kitchens can be incredibly fast-paced environments at the best of times. Therefore, many Australian chefs and catering businesses rely on superior premix options to deliver on fast service, consistent quality and great taste every time.

At Goodman Fielder, we know that restaurants, pubs, cafes and catering companies rely on the convenience of these premix products to ensure each and every meal that leaves their kitchen is of the highest quality. That’s why we provide an extensive supply of premix baking options for our customers. Such products include self-saucing sponge puddings in various flavours, instant pudding mixes, as well as doughnut, biscuit, cake, custard, cheesecake and batter mixes.

When it comes to selecting the base ingredients for any dish, quality, flavour, consistency and pricing are critical to a kitchen’s success. Our primary premixes brand, White Wings, has built a reputation across Australia as one of the country’s most trusted baking experts, delivering the finest quality products and ingredients for easier, tastier baking.

Our White Wings cake mixes gives chefs and caterers the ease and convenience of creating delicious desserts with ease, as well as giving them a blank canvas to showcase decorative techniques and unique flavour profiles. Whether it is cafe chefs looking for a fail-safe cake base or aged care chefs freshening up the dessert options for their residents, they can truly make their dishes one of a kind with White Wings premixes.

White Wings Pudding Mixes Self Saucing Chocolate 9.6 kg product photo

White Wings Pudding Mixes Self Saucing Chocolate 9.6 kg

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