Beef and Lamb Paprika Bombs with BBQ Sauce

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Beef and Lamb Paprika Bombs with BBQ Sauce

Beef and Lamb Paprika Bombs with BBQ Sauce

Spice up your traditional meatballs with this tasty beef and lamb paprika bomb recipe, served with a side of BBQ Mayonnaise.
Makes 20, scale as needed.


350 g Beef Mince
350 g Lamb Mince
50 g Bacon (Diced)
35 g Breadcrumbs
100 mL Milk
1 each Egg
25 g Garlic (crushed)
4 g Paprika
2 g Dried Chilli Flakes
170 g Parsley (Finely chopped)
1 each Brown Onion
1 each Red Onion
25 g White Wings Plain Flour
50 g Brown Sugar
50 each ETA BBQ Sauce
150 g ETA Mayonnaise


Beef and Lamb Bombs raw ingredients

Step 1

For the paprika bombs, combine the mince, garlic, paprika, chilli, breadcrumbs, parsley and one egg in a large bowl. Massage the ingredients together, to ensure it is evenly spread. Place the mixture on a tray and cover with plastic and place in the fridge for 30 minutes. Allowing the mince to rest will allow it to absorb the flavours of the ingredients. Then, roll the mince into small balls.

Raw mince

Lamb and beef mince

Rolling of meatballs

Step 2

Using a sharp knife, cut the red onion to form large circular hoops. Create an egg wash by combining an egg and milk and whisking it together. Drop the onion rings into the egg wash and then lightly dust the onion rings in the White Wings Plain Flour.

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Cutting the onions

Dipping onion rings in egg and flour

Step 3

Preheat a deep fryer to 100 degrees and fry the floured-covered onions until they turn crispy. This should roughly take one to two minutes. Once they have cooked, drain the onion rings on a paper towel and set aside.

Deep fry onion rings

Step 4

To create the BBQ mayonnaise, thinly slice the brown onion and pan fry on medium-high heat until they are soft, then add the brown sugar to caramelise. Make sure you turn the heat down to low at this point, so the onions don’t turn bitter. Once they have blended, mix in the ETA Mayonnaise and place the mixture into a Robot Coupe for two minutes. Once it has formed a paste, pour it into a bowl and stir in the ETA BBQ Sauce.

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Making BBQ Mayonnaise

Pouring of the BBQ sauce mayonnaise

Step 5

On the stovetop, heat oil in a fry pan over medium-high heat and slowly add the meatballs. Continually roll over the meatballs, to ensure each side becomes brown. Once they have an even colour, place them in a baking tray and put them in a 180 degrees oven for eight minutes to continue cooking.

Frying the meatballs

Step 6

For plating, place the meatballs on a sharing plate and drizzle the BBQ mayonnaise over-the-top. Gently place an onion ring on top of the meatball, and neatly in a pile on the side of the dish. Garnish the serving with some finely chopped parsley.
Drizzling mayonnaise on meatballs


Message from chef Andrew Sibley

These tasty meatballs certainly live up to their name of bombs. They are full of flavour and the crisp of the onion ring takes the dish to the next level. The lamb and beef paprika bombs will work great for a starters or share plate, or even as part of a tapas menu.

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