Apple, Chocolate and Walnut Turnover

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Apple, Chocolate and Walnut Turnover

Apple, Chocolate and Walnut Turnover

Apple, Chocolate, Walnuts and beautiful golden pastry - this dessert has all of the hallmarks of a classic. How will your diners say no!?
Makes 1, scale as needed.


2 each Pampas Fast Thaw Puff Pastry Sheets
2 each Granny Smith Apples
30 g Walnuts
20 each Dark Chocolate
60 g Unsalted Butter
5 g Ground cinnamon
60 g CSR Brown Sugar
2 g Pinch of fine salt
20 g CSR Raw Sugar
5 g Icing Sugar


Apple Turnover Ingredients on a table

Step 1

Preheat a fan-forced oven to 190ºC.

Step 2

Slice each piece of the Pampas Pastry in half so you have 2 long rectangles. Place half a sliced apple on one side of each piece of pastry, slanting and overlapping them so they sit as flat as possible. Top the apple slices with the walnut and chocolate pieces.

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Preparing pastry and adding the mixture

Step 3

Cut the butter into 2 thin slices and lay one piece over each of the sliced apples. Sprinkle with the cinnamon, CSR brown sugar and a small pinch of salt.

Close up shot of mixture on top of the pastry

Step 4

Fold the pastry over the apple mixture and press down on the edges with a fork, making sure the two layers are sealed well.

Using a fork to press down the edges of the pastry

Step 5

Brush with the turnover with beaten egg and sprinkle generously with the CSR raw sugar. Place the turnover on a baking paper-lined baking tray.

Chef mixing ingredients and placing the pastry on a dish

Step 6

Bake the apple turnover for 20 minutes or until the pastry is a deep golden and beautifully puffed up. Serve with icing sugar.

Seasoning the finished product with icing sugar

Message from chef Vasilios Donoudis

Vasilios Donoudis

The apple, chocolate, walnuts and pastry create a killer combination. But you can always substitute in the fruit and nut of your choice to add a bit of variety.

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