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Sliced Bread - Premium

Are you looking for a loaf of bread that delivers quality every time you make a delicious sandwich for your customers? Our premium range of Helga's and Lawson's sliced breads are the secret to delivering high standards with every use.

With a rich history of customer satisfaction behind them, each of our premium bread loaves have a super soft inside and firm, toasted crust. Along with delivering the ultimate bread experience, these sliced bread options provide your customers a great source of protein and fibre with every bite.

Our premium sliced bread range is available in many different options to cater to all of your customers’ wants and needs. From wholemeal to mixed grain, multigrain, light rye and traditional white, we’ve got you covered. We also provide a range of styles, from mini loaves (for smaller outlets to help reduce wastage), square loaves and traditional slices.

All our loaves come with an average shelf life of six days and are recommended to be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.

So, whether it is crunchy toast with a thick layer of spread for breakfast, or a sandwich sensation filled with cold meats or salads for your lunch menu, our premium breads promise to delight your customers every time.

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