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Plant Based

With millions turning to alternative lifestyles with a focus on health, sustainability and plant-based options, providing a choice of ingredients is more important than ever before. As one of Australia's leading suppliers of a variety plant-based wholesale products for restaurants, cafes and other hospitality venues, Goodman Fielder offers a wide range of ready meals and meat alternatives, giving your customers the level of choice and quality they expect when dining out.

Our range of Plantry meals are created by chefs, made fresh and snap frozen – providing you with versatile and efficient options for large scale institutions or an intriguing addition to take home. High in protein and packed full of flavour, Plantry makes meat-free meals delicious and easy.

From lasagne to flavour-filled curries, chicken-style strips and burgers, our exciting range of vegan-friendly foods are tasty, nutritious and anything but boring. You’ll have the freedom to curate dynamic, on-trend menus with confidence, knowing that Goodman Fielder has done the heavy lifting for you to ensure your meals are not only mouth-watering but also cater to the dietary choices and requirements of consumers.

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